Research Lines

Family, parenting and development

We research the ways mothers and fathers participate in their small kids’ life and their influence in children´s development.

Daniela Aldoney Ramírez

Assistant Profesor

Sensitivity to stress and deviated development paths

We are interested in comprehend the psychobiological components of sensitivity to stress, including cognitive, affective and developmental aspects.

Jaime Silva Concha

Full Professor, Director of CARE

Neurobiological basis of cognition and emotion

We want to understand the neural mechanism that underlie the recognition and processing of emotional information as a key factor of cognitive process regulation.

Francisco Ceric Garrido

Associate Professor

Intersubjectivity and metacognition across the lifespan

We believe that the ability of accessing and reporting individual mental contents (metacognition) has an influence in the social-cognitive behavior (intersubjectivity) through the development.

Gabriel Reyes Muñoz

Assistant Professor

Study of well-being and social coexistence in childhood and adolescence

Our purpose is to study the relationship between the subjective experience of well-being and life satisfaction of children and adolescents, and the dynamics of coexistence and social interrelation.

Jaime Alfaro Inzunza

Full Profesor