Fees and scolarships

The Doctorate Program total fee is $20.000.000(8 semesters) and an annual enrollment of $500.000 CL pesos. Although, this program offers full scholarship (fees and enrollment). In addition, and because it is an exclusive dedication program, it includes a monthly stipend of $1.240.011(chilean pesos – 2022) and a food allowance, while the student is coursing these 8 semesters.

The students accepted in the program must apply to the national doctoral scholarships, academic year 2023, ANID. Additionally, for those student who do not obtain a ANID scholarship, Universidad del Desarrollo has scholarships for monthly stipend, lunch scholarship and program payment. The application for the ANID scholarship is a requierment for admission to the program.

For more information about the scholarship application system, contact Javiera Dueñas at her email address [email protected]