Daniela Aldoney Ramírez

Assistant Profesor

Daniela earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the Universidad de Chile and received her Master of Arts degree and PhD in Human Development from the University of Maryland

Currently, she is a research faculty at the Centro de Apego y Regulación Emocional (CARE) en la Universidad del Desarrollo.Her research interests include the study of parent-child relationships in disadvantaged populations during the preschool years. She has focused in understanding the development of emotional competences, executive functions and language in children at risk and how mothers and father can promote an optimal development in their children.

She has been teaching undergraduate students in the subjects of Qualitative Methodology, Development and Learning, Play and Learning and Research Seminar. 

Conference Presentations (selected)

Aldoney, D. & Cabrera, N.J. (2016, June). Maternal socialization in low-income Latino immigrant and toddler´s language and inhibitory control skills. In S. Mendive (Chair) Home Environment and Children’s School Readiness in Chile and Latino immigrants in the U.S. presented at EARLI-SIG 5 conference, Porto, Portugal.

Illmer, D., Susperreguy, M.I., Aldoney, D., & Mendive, S. (June, 2016), Pilot intervention to improve teacher-child interactions for pre-service early childhood educators in Chile. Paper presented at EARLI-SIG 5 conference, Porto, Portugal.

Aldoney, D., Cordero, M., Cabrera, N., Cumsille, P., & Martinez, L. (June, 2016) Environmental risk and children´s early social skills: Evidence from a national representative longitudinal survey in Chile. Poster presented at WAIMH conference Praga, República Checa.

Aldoney, D., Cabrera, N.J., & Malin, J.L (2015, March). The early cultural socialization context of latino children in immigrant families. In B. Kurtz-Costes (Chair), Racial and ethnic socialization and identity development in African American and Latino families. Paper presented at Society for Research in Child Development conference, Philadelphia, PA

Malin, J.L., Aldoney, D., Taschman, K., & Cabrera, N.J. (2015, March). Mothers’ Spanish-English talk and their young children’s inhibitory control. In C. Blair (Chair), Exploring the bilingual executive function advantage in Spanish- and English-speaking dual language learners. Paper presented at Society for Research in Child Development conference, Philadelphia, PA

Aldoney, D., & Cabrera, N.J., & Taschman, K. (2014, July) Mother-child interactions, cultural beliefs, and children’s self- regulation among Latino immigrants. Poster presented at Head Start’s 12th National Research (HSRC) conference, Washington, DC.

Karberg, E., Malin, J.L., Aldoney, D., & Cabrera, N. J. (2014, November). The association between parental intrusiveness and children’s social and regulatory outcomes: Moderation by child affect. Poster presented at Society for Research in Child Development special topic meeting: New Conceptualizations in the Study of Parenting at Risk conference, San Diego, CA.

Cabrera, N., Aldoney, D., Malin, J., Karberg, L. Immigrant Latino mothers’ and fathers’ cultural socialization of their toddlers. Paper accepted at 14th WAIMH World Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Research projects

2016 – presente: Well-tempered executive functions project: electrophysiological and behavioral bases of the regulation of executive functions by emotions.  FONDECYT N° 1171064, Universidad del Desarrollo (Dr. Francisco Ceric, IP). Co research.

2016 – presente: Project Beliefs of mothers, fathers and educators about the game and its academic value in preschool children. UDD Interfaculty Fund. Principal investigator.

2016 – presente: Project the involvement of fathers and mothers in child development: How they promote executive functions in their preschool children. UDD internal fund. principal investigator.

2014-present Project: ¿How does family and preschool instruction influence children´s literacy development in sociocultural deprived contexts from pre-kinder to fourth grade?
FONDECYT Project n° 11140637 Pontificia Universidad Católica (PhD. Susana Mendive, IP).
Research Assistant

2011-2015 FAMILY Project: Father and Mother Involvement in Latino families in America (collaborative project with PhD. Tamis-LeMonda, NYU).
University of Maryland (PhD. Natasha Cabrera IP)

2008-2009 Project: Community prevalence of psychiatric disorder and use of health service on children and youth Chilean population.
FONDECYT Project n° 1070519: Universidad de Concepción (PhD. Benjamín Vicente, PI)
Field assistance.



Pérez, J. C., Aldoney, D., Vivanco-Carlevari, A., Coo, S., Guzmán, E. J., & Silva, J. R. (2022). Adapting to Adversity: Effects of COVID-19 on Parenting in Chile. Frontiers in Psychology, 13.

Aldoney, D., Coo, S., Mira, A., & Valdivia, J., (2022).  Mothers, Fathers and Educators’ Beliefs about Play in Chilean Preschool Children. International Journal of Play, 10-20.

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Ugarte, E., Narea, M., Aldoney, D., Weissman, D. G., & Hastings, P. D. (2021). Family Risk and Externalizing Problems in Chilean Children: Mediation by Harsh Parenting and Emotional Support. Child Development. DOI: 10.1111/cdev.13464

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